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Lille's 17th Conference


The 2016 International Conference in Sports History organized in Lille will focus on “Sports and their power in the 19th and 20th centuries".
The Conference intends to gather scientific communications focused on the ‘structuring actions in the sports domain’ taking into account ‘institutions’ and ‘stakeholders’, ‘individuals’ and ‘communities/authorities/governments’, which modulate their own progression, in France as well as abroad, and at, local, national and international levels.


This symposium aims to generate some thoughts about the genesis and evolution of sports area/space and also about the struggles to get the power to determine, regulate and control such space/areas dedicated to physical activities.
In this context, the definition of ‘sports’ is intended to be large and open and refers to physical activities of all kinds, outdoor physical activities as well as those related to youth and sports in general.


The scientific theme of this 17th Conference comes in several axes:

- Axis 1: Sports federations and institutions

- Axis 2 : Leaders and players in sport

- Axis 3 : Regulation of a practice field

- Axis 4 : Public authorities and sport

- Axis 5 : Ethics and responsibility while governing

- Axis 6 : Sports as a place of socialization and body discipline

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The Conference intends to bring together French and foreign researchers as well as the general public around this theme and its different axes. Several nationalities will be represented at this Conference: among the Scientific Committee as well as among the invited speakers.