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Submit an abstract


Your contributions to the programme of the 17th International Conference in Sports History are welcome!

The Scientific Commitee will select the best of the contributions and add them to the Conference’s programme.

Your abstracts must integrate with one of the themes identified for this Conference (please mention the item of the chosen theme) – See the thematic guidelines (French)


Abstract submission deadline: May 15, 2016 at the following address: chs2016-lille[chez]univ-lille2[point]fr

On June the 20th 2016, the authors will be given their expert feedback.
If modifications are needed, the final abstract submission date is: July 1st, 2016.


Abstract submission guidelines and requirements

* Abstracts should be typed using Times 12, single-spaced and be in the form of a text which is approximately 30 lines long (+/-10%).
The title should be placed at the top, centered and in bold. The authors’ names and their institutions should be placed on the right under the title (having skipped a line). The name of the speaker at the conference should be underlined.

* The abstracts present the key points of the scientific work, questions, sources, methodology and results (as well as the reference to the chosen theme).

* Authorized languages: French, English

* Please submit Abstracts via email to: chs2016-lille[chez]univ-lille2[point]fr, as an attached document, saved as «surname.[intitial of first name ].docx » (exple: blanco.s.docx), with the extension: « .docx », « .doc » or « .rtf ».


Selected Abstracts/Communications

The Scientific Commitee will select abstracts and invite the author(s) for a communication which will be inserted in the Conference’s programme. Communications are 20 minutes long followed by 10 minutes questions and exchange with the audience.




In parallel with the themes proposed for this Conference, it is possible to propose ‘free’ thematic symposia combining several oral communications. 'Free' thematic symposium proposals should present all of the selected abstracts and an introductory summary of the symposium (one page maximum).